Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort to ensure that the Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention is fun, family friendly, and a venue you will return to year after year, and tell others about.
Below is a list of questions and answers we receive often.   If you have other questions,  Contact Us and we will respond quickly.

+ Are Dogs Allowed?

Well, yes and no.  We love dogs but sometimes dogs do not love other dogs or like strange children pulling their tails.  So, only trained service dogs are allowed within the music/food venue area.  Service dogs that disrupt the music or the peace must be removed.   See under CAMPING the rules for Dogs in the camping areas.   We know that your dog would never cause a problem but…

+ Do I need to bring my own chairs?

That depends on how comfortable you want to be.  We provide 600 folding chairs inside the tents.  Lawn chairs are allowed outside the tent  and around the festival grounds.

+ How do I get tickets?

Tickets are paid upon arrival at the gate beginning at 12:00 Noon on Friday until 4:00 PM Sunday.

+ Is bagged ice available?

Yes but Saturday only.  A local store (5 miles away) offers ice.

+ Is handicapped parking available?

Yes, tell the gate when you arrive and they will direct you.  Remember that we are on a working farm.  All parking is in a pasture.  We will work to get you as close to the main tent as possible.

+ What is the Alcohol policy?

No public display of alcohol is allowed. We recognize that your camper and/or tent is your private space to enjoy as you choose.  Make your mama proud.

+ What is the Smoking / Vaping Policy?

Neither smoking nor vaping is allowed in the music, food, or craft venues.  Smoking is only allowed in the parking and camping areas.  Since we are located on a working farm, please don’t allow cows to take up the habit…properly dispose of filters.

+ Will food be sold? If so, what type and when?

Food vendors will be serving Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday.  We offer a mixture of food types.  Bring your own picnic if you want because the nearest McDonalds is 25 miles away.

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