Rustic camping is available on the Jones Farm along the Yadkin River. Camping fees are $25 (for the entire weekend per tent/camper–that’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights). $10 per night prior or after.  Payments for camping are to be made directly to Tony Jones of Jones Family Farm – he will collect camping fees from all campers personally. Fee does not include admission. No electric or water hookups are available.

Pets must be leashed and are limited to the campgrounds.  No dogs are allowed within the performance area. Campers must carry out all trash.  This year, Tony Jones’ on-site primitive shower will NOT be available.

Gates open for camping the Wednesday preceding the festival weekend (two days before the festival begins)

Important! Someone must be on the grounds or have a designated person to monitor the site 24 hours a day. No tent, camper, etc. can be left unattended before and after the festival begins and ends.

Please follow these simple camping rules:

  • Placement of tents or campers must be contained within the width of allotted space.
  • Limit of two cars per camping spot. Have guest park in regular parking lot.
  • Campfires are allowed only below lower fence on river unless contained in a fire stove.
  • Speed limit of all vehicles within farm/pasture is 10 mph.
  • All campers must purchase daily admission tickets. Arm bands must be visible and will be MONITORED.
  • This is a working farm. Please don’t give cows the habit. Dispose of cigarettes butts and filters in trash containers.
  • Carry out all trash.


Pet Policy for Campers:

  • Dogs must be kept leashed and in your camping area. Under no circumstances are dogs allowed in the stage/audience area.
  • LIABILITY: The Jones Family Farm, Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention and Caldwell Arts Council are not responsible for any injury to a dog, or for any injury or damage caused by a dog. The owner of the dog shall be liable for all damages caused by their dog.
  • HOLD HARMLESS, INDEMNIFICATION: The owner of a dog brought to Jones Family Farm / Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention shall save, indemnify and hold Jones Family Farm, Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention or Caldwell Arts Counci, its directors, officers, and employees, harmless from any claim, damages (whether exemplary or punitive), court costs or demand whatsoever arising out of any property damage or injury caused by the dog.
  • BARKING: Owners shall remove any dog that barks or otherwise disrupts the peace of Happy Valley.
  • VACCINATIONS: All dogs brought to the Jones Farm / Happy Valley Fiddlers Convention must have record proof of current up to date rabies vaccinations.
  • WASTE: Owners shall pick up animal waste if deposited in any area where people might camp or ambulate.



Use of generators: Given that campers are here to enjoy music and the solitude of the Yadkin River, the use of generators is restricted. A place in the lower bottom field will be designated for campers who want to run their generators during the DAY TIME. No generators will be allowed to operate between the hours of 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Generators must conform to National Park Service regulations pertaining to audio disturbances, which states that “motorized equipment” cannot exceed 60 decibels.

Other Accomodations

Patterson School Foundation

Stay at the historic Patterson School, just a few miles up the river from the festival grounds.

828-394-9606 (You’ll likely have to leave a message)

Leatherwood Cabins

Relax in a luxury vacation home hidden in the trees at Leatherwood Mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains and wilderness horse country. 

Ph: 800-4NC-MTNS (462-6867

Other Lodging In Lenoir

Other Lodging In Wilkesboro

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